Granite Countertops: Care & Maintenance Guide

Tuesday Sep 17th, 2019


One of the biggest fears people may have about natural stone is the maintenance it requires. The diamond-like hardness of granite makes it virtually impervious to abrasions, stains and heat. (It’s important to note that granite won’t stand temperature stress such as fireplaces, where the stone expands and contracts in a very short period of time. The seams, however, will prevent cracks.) You’ll find caring for your natural stone easy. Warm water, mild dishwashing liquid and... [read more]

Landscaping Rules You Need To Know

Tuesday Sep 03rd, 2019


Thinking about adding a gazebo to your backyard? Before you go and make your yard dreams a reality, it’s important to check up on your municipality’s landscaping regulations first. Here’s what you’ll need to know if you plan to embark on one of these backyard projects.   Adding a Structure Whether you’re thinking of adding a gazebo, pergola, storage shed or any other kind of structure in your backyard, you may need to apply or obtain a building... [read more]

How’s Your Outdoor Entertaining Game?

Tuesday Aug 27th, 2019


In the warm summer months, there’s nothing better than having friends or family over for a fun backyard party or outdoor barbeque. But there’s an art to throwing a great party, and if you don’t keep your guests properly entertained, they might not stick around for long. Whether you have a huge yard or tiny patio, here are three ways to level up your outdoor entertainment game and keep your guests happy this summer. Giant Games Your guests will undoubtedly be... [read more]

4 Ways Having an Agent Beats Selling Solo

Tuesday Aug 13th, 2019


While selling your sofa or lawnmower on your own doesn’t take a lot of sales skill, working with a professional real estate agent will help you get the most money in the shortest time when selling your home. Here are some of the top reasons I can help. Increase Your Profit Many people think they’ll make more money if they avoid paying an agent a commission and instead handle their own home sale, but the statistics show otherwise. According to the National Association of... [read more]

Get Rid Of Clutter with these 7 Yard Sale Tips

Tuesday Aug 06th, 2019


Busting clutter is almost always the first recommendation from professional stagers. Why not have a yard sale to clear out the things you no longer use while earning some cash for your move? Follow these tips to help things go smoothly and maximize your profits. Get The Online Word Out  - ​List your sale on the “Garage Sale” section of Craigslist and on any neighbourhood Facebook page groups. Include photos of your more interesting items to attract... [read more]

The Furniture Trends That Are Taking Over 2019

Tuesday Jul 30th, 2019


There’s no better time to refresh your home than the fall. Every season, there are always new answers to the question: what’s in right now? Industry experts and tastemakers have gone out to gather trends from all over the world in order to forecast what colours will be popular in people’s homes and what furniture the masses will be scooping up. If you want to change up your home but have no idea where to start, look to this year’s trends for inspiration and while... [read more]

Plumbing Upgrades –The Basics

Tuesday Jul 16th, 2019


Buyers and sellers often hear about plumbing upgrades, but just what does this mean? Generally speaking, upgraded plumbing in the context of buying or selling a home refers to both fixtures and/or the plumbing system itself. Here’s our list of the most frequently recommended upgrades: Fixtures New faucets are an easy way to add style to kitchens and baths without a lot of spend. If a home is being prepped for sale, use fixtures that will appeal to the most potential buyers. The... [read more]

Futuristic Family Room Ideas You’ll Want Right Now!

Tuesday Jul 02nd, 2019


Technology has changed a lot of things about the way we live, so it’s inevitable that it will change one of the most used spaces in our homes: the family room. Not to be confused with the more formal living room, a family room is used much more regularly. They’re the gathering place for everyone to convene and socialize, and they’re typically more kid-friendly. Here are some ways technology companies are taking family rooms to the next level. Vibrating Couches Companies... [read more]

The Vacation Smart Home

Tuesday Jun 25th, 2019


Planning that summer vacation? Here are our top tips to give you added peace of mind while you’re away   One of the most effective steps is to make your home appear occupied. Use timers or an app on a few lights throughout the house, scheduling them to turn off and on at various times after dark. Use extra caution when communicating about your vacation dates on Facebook and other social media. And don’t post photos until you’re back. Information spreads... [read more]

An Overlook on the Stress Test

Tuesday Jun 18th, 2019


A prominent economist has added his name to the growing number of industry pundits who are urging regulators to revisit the B-20 stress test regulations. Benjamin Tal, CIBC Capital Markets Deputy Chief Economist, is calling for a more flexible benchmark for the B-20, which took effect in January 2018 for all uninsured mortgages. Tal feels that the stress test was probably necessary to, as he puts it, “save some Canadian borrowers from themselves”. However he seriously questions... [read more]

3 Strategies For The Move-Up Buyer

Tuesday Jun 11th, 2019


MOVING UP TO YOUR “forever home” is exciting. When you bought your first place, chances are you were young, strapped for cash and prepared – if not warned – to make some concessions. The move-up buyer typically has some savings and home equity to work with, making this next move feel less like a compromise and more as a thoughtful selection. But move-up buyers face their own set of challenges that call for carefully considered strategy. Here are three options for the... [read more]


Tuesday Jun 04th, 2019


Spring is the perfect time to clean house-both literally and figuratively. As you emerge from winter hibernation, here are some tactics to help both your health and your home get ready for the new season. Do Some Decluttering Clutter on the home has been linked to increased levels of anxiety. No, you don’t have to go full Marie Kondo. But why not get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in years, or donate the miscellaneous kitchen items you never use? Get Healthy Kitchen... [read more]

What Will Houses In The Future Look Like?

Thursday May 23rd, 2019


Innovators are constantly finding new ways for people to live and it’s no doubt that the house if the future will significantly different from the ones we know today. But just how different will it get? For one thing, many experts agree that homes in the future will be made of eco-friendly construction materials, such as the self-healing concrete that was designed in the Netherlands. The cool thing about this bio-concrete is that it uses bacteria to heal any cracks that begin to form,... [read more]

Top Tips For Spring Maintenance

Tuesday May 21st, 2019


Spring is here, and that means it’s the perfect opportunity to get your home ready for the months to come. Here are our tops tips to get you started: Winter can take a real toll on a home’s exterior. Wood, stucco and other types of siding should be checked for cracks, peeling or chipped paint, and general wear and tear. Have damaged areas repairs and repainted as needed for lasting protection. Clean gutters and downspouts of any debris that may have collected over the... [read more]

Incoming Market Changes

Thursday May 09th, 2019


You may have noticed a flurry of recent press concerning the “inverted yield curve” that we have recently moved into Canada. An “inverted yield curve” means that the long-term bond rates are actually lower than short-term bond rates. In addition, almost every Canadian government bond is now below the Bank of Canada’s 1.75% overnight rate. That’s pretty rare. What does all of this actually mean for the economy and our real estate market? Typically, an... [read more]

Decorating Basics: Some Rules You Don't Want To Break

Tuesday Apr 30th, 2019


SOME RULES we were never taught. When it comes to home décor, there are decorating basics that many of us are not aware of. How high do you hang artwork on the wall and what about the TV? How big a sofa should you purchase? Should you match your window treatments to the wall colour and what if you really like that fire engine red? Décor expert Karl Lohnes and Sue Rainville, director of marketing for Hunter Douglas, Canada’s leading window fashions manufacturer, offers the... [read more]

Selling Your Home

Thursday Mar 28th, 2019


IT IS INEVITABLE that at some point in our lives we decide to sell the house. We may have lived there since birth, purchased it not to long ago or maybe we built our dream home and it is time to move on. Either way we will be dealing with one of the biggest investments of our lives! There are three variables in selling a house. One is the market place, how strong is it? Is it a buyers or sellers market? Are things moving? How long is it taking to sell a property in our area? The second is... [read more]

Oldies But Goodies: Living With An Older Home

Wednesday Jan 30th, 2019


The charms of living in an older home can be many – history, style, craftsmanship, quirks. But there’s no denying that living in such a home has its challenges. Maintenance can be tricky and expensive, especially if certain systems and features have been neglected over the years. Let’s take a look at some common situations found in many older homes: Energy inefficiency is probably the number one issue with older homes. Most older homes were... [read more]

All About Garage Doors

Monday Jan 28th, 2019


Overhead garage doors may be the largest and heaviest moving object in most homes. For safety and reliability, make sure it’s up to date and kept in proper working order. Safety First Older garage doors can lack some of the safety features required in newer installations. Automatic openers must have sensors, usually a pair of electric eyes, that will stop and reverse the door if a person or pet moves across its path. Power Out? What about getting the door open during a power... [read more]

Smoke Alarm Smarts

Thursday Jan 24th, 2019


Smoke alarms are an important defense against injury or death in house fires. Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association show that nearly two-thirds of home fire fatalities occur in homes with non-working or missing smoke detectors. Most building codes now require smoke detectors in all residential structures, which has resulted in a steep drop in fire- and smoke-related deaths. Homeowners should check with their local public safety office or fire department for... [read more]

Why Do Credit Scores Vary Between Providers?

Monday Dec 17th, 2018


Canadian consumers have several options when it comes to obtaining their credit score.  They can get their credit scores via the two national credit reporting agencies, Equifax Canada and TransUnion. In addition, they can get them through free credit score providers such as Borrowell, Mogo and Credit Karma. Each provider uses slightly different models to weight credit score factors, which is why consumers can get different results from different providers, even if they requested their... [read more]

Holiday and Winter Fire Safety

Tuesday Dec 04th, 2018


Residential fires take their toll every day, every year, in lost lives, injuries, and destroyed property. But many conditions that cause house fires can be avoided or prevented. Taking the time for some simple precautions, preventive inspections, and concrete planning can help prevent fire in the home and can save property and lives should disaster strike. Check holiday lights for fraying or broken wires and plugs. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines as to... [read more]

Laundry Room Thoughts

Wednesday Nov 28th, 2018


If you're like most of us, laundry is a chore. We have found that a well organized laundry room is the best way to overcome the thought of laundry being a chore. First all, consider the placement of your washer and dryer. If you have the room, put them side by side and put a counter top on top so you have somewhere to fold or iron (yes people still iron their clothes). If you have to stack your washer and dryer, at least try make them look appealing.  Considering the size of most... [read more]

Just A Small Renovation

Monday Oct 29th, 2018


Is it a small renovation or something much more? Maybe you are considering making some modifications to your existing home or building a new one. I have had lots of experience with both and enjoy them thoroughly. In these types of situations, you need to carefully consider how the space is going to be used. To further complicate the situation, you need to take into account things like property features which may also mean the available views.  Surprisingly not all homes were built to... [read more]

The Art of Negotiating…Emotionless?

Friday Oct 26th, 2018


If you have ever tried to sell something you love, it is not an easy thing. If we are emotionally attached to something, how do you put a price on it? It is impossible, or at least impossible if you cannot find a buyer that has the same emotion as you do. That is often the dilemma when it comes to selling your home. A homeowner is far more vested in the property and has far more personal attachment than sometimes money can match.   Even with the shortfalls most homes have, perhaps... [read more]

Kitchen Renovation Has Greatest Potential To Boost A Property's Sale Price

Friday Oct 26th, 2018


Prospective sellers likely to spend less than 2.5% of a home’s value on home improvement.   According to a cross-Canada survey of over 750 Royal LePage real estate experts, a kitchen renovation is the clear upgrade of choice with the potential to boost a property’s value by more than 12.5 per cent. Both ranking second, a finished basement or a new bathroom has the potential to increase a property’s value between 2.5 per cent and 12.5 per cent, depending on the... [read more]