Poinsettas text: Planning for the HOLIDAYS

Planning For The Holidays

Tuesday Nov 22nd, 2022


Now that Santa Claus is heading back to the North Pole after his parade, it's a great time to start talking about what the holidays are going to look like.
Trying to spend less money this holiday season? There are lots of fun ways to make the holidays less about gifts and more about spending time together.
Secret Santa: Everyone picking a name and buying one gift instead of everyone buying for everyone.
An event: Getting together as a group to go ice-skating, going caroling, partaking in a tree lighting ceremony are all fun things you can do as a group.
Plan a cookie exchange: It’s a great way to get together with friends or neighbours and also guarantees you have a fantastic assortment of holiday baking.
Feeling like the holidays are a bit too commercial? Spend some time with your family thinking about how you can help someone else enjoy the holidays will not only help them but it will make you feel good too.
🎁Donate to a toy drive. 
🎁Volunteer at the local seniors residence.
🎁Give to a local food bank.
There are lots of ways you can help over the holidays and year round.

Worried about porch pirates? Think about picking up your holiday orders at the store or have your parcel delivered to a trusted neighbour who will be at home. Want to kick it up a notch? Some high tech options include adding a doorbell with a camera, motion-sensor lights and/or security cameras.
Gathering with friends & family? Make sure you’ve got a plan to get home safely from your holiday get-togethers. It’s important to establish who the designated driver is beforehand. If everyone wants to raise a glass of cheer, taking an Uber is a great option. Knowing how to get home using public transit can not only keep everyone safe but it can save you money too.
Spending some time away? Have a nieghbour pick up any packages that may be delivered while you’re gone. Set timers on your lights so the house has a lived in feel. Make sure you’ve got someone lined up to shovel your walk if there’s a snowfall while you’re away.
Here’s to a safe holiday season spent with family and friends.


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