Sometimes the Time is Now!

Tuesday Oct 01st, 2019


One of the most common questions in Real Estate is When is the best time TO Sell? Articles and articles have been written by “experts” in their respective fields: Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Economists and even Realtors! More often than not and quite typically the answer is the Spring Market. That argument is usually based on the sheer volume of sales that occur during that time period.

This idea of spring being the “best” time to sell is not hard and fast rule. For example this past spring was modest at best and in many areas it seemed like the “spring” market did not even happen. The world is not black and white, rules are not always set in stone and sometimes the best time to sell your home is RIGHT NOW!

Just because more houses typically sell in a certain time period, it does not necessarily follow that YOUR home may not get a fantastic dollar “right now” but it might be the best time to sell. There are many aspects that need to be evaluated. The motivation that you have plays a big part on things as well. If your dream house pos up now… do you hesitate because it’s not spring? Probably not.

 The Fall Market has many attributes when it comes to the sale of a rural property. For many, the rich colours of nature serve as the idyllic setting. The home is at its prettiest! Often it’s that first impression that can make all the difference and this may be the best time of year for that.

The winter is typically a slower market, but if a buyer is looking at that time, it usually means they are pretty serious! Although the spring market is the strongest, with more sales and more listings, this also means more competition for sellers and more choice for buyers.

The key to deciding what time of year you should list your home is what is important to you and your family. What time of year do YOU want to move? Is your house ready to go? Values from one time of year to another are little impacted by time of year in our market. Listing at a time of year when there are few other listings can be a huge advantage to you. If buyers have less to choose from they have to be less selective and sometimes might actually pay more. So listing other than the “spring market” can have significant advantages. Truly, the right time to list your home is your time” and not a specific time of the year and that might be “RIGHT NOW”.

As a prominent Realtor in the area, for over 30 years, being on top of the trends is key to success. Properly assessing the market and where your property fits into the market is essential to maximizing the sale price for your property. And perhaps, at this very moment, it is the TIME TO SELL.

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