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Prepare Your Home For Winter & Save Money Too!

Tuesday Nov 08th, 2022


As the days start to get cooler now is the perfect time to make sure your home is ready for winter. With the cost for everything at record highs we’ve found some simple ways for you to prepare your home to be as energy efficient as possible with a few easy tweaks.

1. Make sure you’ve got your ceiling fans rotating the right direction. 
It’s an easy fix that can make a big difference. 
In the winter your ceiling fan should be spinning clockwise, it creates an updraft to circulate the warm air around the room.
2. Experts suggest you have your furnace serviced once a year. 
Changing your filters every three months is recommended too. 
If you’ve got shedding pets or have just done a reno you might want to change them more often.
3. Do you have an electric hot water heater
Think about wrapping the tank so you don’t lose any of the heat.
4. Concerned about heating areas you don’t use?
Attics or unfinished basements don't necessarily need to be heated. To make sure that the warm air gets to your living spaces experts recommend sealing the joints of the duct work with heating vent tape.
5. Ensure your windows & doors have air tight seals.
As my mother used to say “there’s no point in heating the whole neighbourhood!”
6. Think about installing a smart thermostat. 
They are designed to use an algorithm to adjust the thermostat to meet your family’s needs. You often get rebates from companies for installing energy efficient devices.
7. Moving furniture away from vents, and keeping the curtains closed can help keep your home warm & cozy too.
8. If you have a fireplace, think about an annual inspection. Definitely stock up on firewood and make sure both “real”,  gas and electric fireplaces are clean & ready for use when you need them.

Now that your house is ready for winter let’s enjoy these last days of fall and the beautiful weather! ENJOY!


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