KITEC, Fast Approaching The Deadline

Tuesday Jan 21st, 2020


Most of the public is still not aware of these available funds for having KITEC deficient plumbing materials within their home. Set aside for settlements is $125 million dollars throughout North America.

For those that do not know what KITEC plumbing is, it’s a defective plumbing material that will deteriorate over time and cause water issues within a home. It was developed to help replace the expensive commodity copper and was found to be easier to install.

KITEC was installed throughout North America from 1995 to 2007. Please be aware that if you bought a new building or had plumbing renovations during this period, you may have issues.

Check to see if you have the common orange and blue water lines. If you look closely to the labeling, you might see the words KITEC.

Be sure to check underneath kitchen, bathroom, laundry sinks and at the hot water tank. Even when you do locate a labeled KITEC water line, this might not necessarily be a defective line. It would need to be checked by a licensed plumber. 

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