Just A Small Renovation

Monday Oct 29th, 2018


Is it a small renovation or something much more? Maybe you are considering making some modifications to your existing home or building a new one. I have had lots of experience with both and enjoy them thoroughly.

In these types of situations, you need to carefully consider how the space is going to be used. To further complicate the situation, you need to take into account things like property features which may also mean the available views.  Surprisingly not all homes were built to the property’s best advantage.

When inside the home, you do not always have the best vantage points to see outside Maybe over time the view has changed due to a new plant or tree growth. This could mean simply enlarging or changing the position of a window or even moving room locations. Doing so may make the space work better for the family or may make the space far more appealing when things like the views are given new focus.

Take time to consider all options and try to keep an open mind. Look at if from nay angles both inside and out. Try to imagine a blank space, no walls, no windows and anticipate how it would be best designed if you stared from scratch. Consider things like moving walls, windows, door ways or even switching a kitchen location to the opposite side of the house. Today a common change is opening up walls or removing them altogether to join rooms. For example, a kitchen wall removed and joined to the dining room now makes far more family space and is perhaps open to the living area…or great room.

Don’t rush into this. I often hear buyers anticipating great changes immediately upon moving in. Once they take possession of the home however, they realize their needs aren’t what they thought they were. Move in, live there for while, maybe 6 months or more and see what is important to you. You may be very surprised by how your mind and your needs change.

Try to put your ideas on paper…on your computer. Start with a box, the room itself. From there plan where you want walls, if any, as they relate to how you will use the space. Drop in windows and doors remembering to keep landscaping views, house approach from the driveway, and even access to the future pool area all in mind. Get opinions from your friends and family. There may be things you have not considered in the plan that would have a significant impact on the outcome.

There are many architects and engineers that will help you with your plans. However, if you have a good idea, form your hours of deliberation, as to how you see things working, you may dramatically reduce the cost of a professional. After all, it is your space and we all have different ideas, needs and wants. So get out the scratch pad and start having fun.

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