Would You “Tri” This?

Tuesday Jan 28th, 2020


It seems the new trend for a lot of us that can’t afford a multi-million dollar homes, is either moving in with the in-laws or building a brand new building that can house everyone. It’s sort of like an old idea reborn. Do you remember triplex? There’s a new twist on that.

A local builder has coined the name Flexplex with a desire to be more green. This case and much what is being talked about is the fact that there are three separate floors; one for each group of your family. For example, the parents could be on one floor and the grown-up kids on the second floor and if more kids, perhaps a third floor for that extra family. This is not a new concept but a twist on an old idea.

This is a great opportunity for folks to keep their families together, in one building, but have the privacy of a separate floor for each family. This is a great idea reborn. Each floor could be customised with custom cabinetry, etc. to suit everyone’s needs. This is something to really consider.

A great possibility to live more economically, and hopefully more environmentally-friendly as well.



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