10 Small Things That Can Make a Big Difference This Winter

Tuesday Nov 10th, 2020


As the cold weather approaches, we thought it was a good time to share some of the little fixes that can make a BIG difference to how much you enjoy your home this winter. These little tweaks will not only save you money, but they will make your winter more enjoyable and when spring finally arrives you’ll be better prepared to enjoy it as soon as it arrives.
1. Drain the hose: Remember to turn off the water supply from the inside and store your hose away for the winter. There’s nothing worse than the outdoor pipes freezing up.
2. Pots & Plants: Empty them of soil and store them away so you use them again next year. The leftover dirt can be spread in your flower beds.
3. Outdoor furniture: It should be cleaned & covered or stored inside if possible. If you have removable cushions this might be a good time to have them cleaned so they’re to go in the spring.
4. Change the filter in the furnace. You might need to get your furnace checked and the same with your chimney
5. Change the direction of your ceiling fan. It should be clockwise in the winter and the fan should run on the lowest speed.
6. Cover up the air-conditioning unit. But just in the fall, it’s the leaves and/or seeds that are the issue, not the snow. A cover will trap moisture inside which can cause corrosion.
7. Check and replace all the batteries in your detectors. Remember to do this again in the spring.
8. Plant some bulbs for the spring.
9. Give your BBQ some TLC.
10. Stock up on winter supplies. Pet-friendly salt for the walkway & front sidewalk. While you’re shopping don’t forget to pick up some windshield washer fluid and make sure you’ve got a good brush and scrapper for the car.

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