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Two big designer trends we’re expecting to continue in 2022

Tuesday Jan 04th, 2022


As the new year starts designers are talking about biophilic design and sustainability. Both these principles are inspiring how we are designing and decorating our homes. What exactly is the biophilic design principle you ask? How can we live more sustainably? 

Biophilic design principles mean emphasizing creating calming environments with natural lighting, ventilation and incorporating plants and natural inspirations.
How to do it: 
🍃new plants
🍃wallpaper with natural motifs
🍃accenting with seashells, sand, stones…
🍃natural fibers in carpets, pillows, and linens
Sustainability will continue to be a major issue for everyone. Not only can you keep focusing on more sustainable, reusable products in your kitchen, bathrooms but designers are expected to focus more on design elements that focus on the long-term health of our ecosystem.
How to do it:
🎋replacing windows & doors so that they are more  energy efficient
🎋eco-friendly heating & cooling systems
🎋using local manufacturers 
As 2022 continues feeling calm and living a good clean life will be a big focus for designers, decorators, and homeowners.


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