Peak of the roof of a house. Text: MOVE-IN READY checklist

The MOVE-IN READY Checklist

Wednesday Jul 20th, 2022


When you are buying a new home there are lots of checklists. Everything from financial checklists, to packing lists & beyond. There’s one checklist that people sometimes forget. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, it’s the list of some of the things that you need to be in place when you move in.
The MOVE-IN READY checklist
Internet & Cable
Who is the internet provider in your town/city/ condo?
What kind of internet do they provide? 
Who are your cable providers?
What are the garbage/recycling/ composting guidelines in your town/city condo?
What are the garbage/recycling/ composting pick-up days?
➡️In Toronto, the bins are owned by the city and must stay on the property. If you need to upsize the current bins you can call 311 or make a request online.
Hydro & Gas lines
Who are the accredited hydro service providers?
Do you need to turn on gas lines?
Postal service
How does mail get delivered (to the house, group mailbox, P.O. box)?
Property Taxes
How do you pay property taxes?
Check out our blog: Property Taxes: What You Need To Know.  
The Kids
Where are the daycares and schools in your area?
What are their registration dates?
Is there school bus pick ups and drop offs? What time is it?...
What is the route?
The Community
Where are the parks, playgrounds, hockey rinks, local library and other public spaces?
Where is the nearest hospital?
Where are the local bus stops, subway stations, GO transit stops…
How do you access the highways from here?

Furry friends
Where can you register and get a license for your pet? All dogs in Toronto MUST be licensed AND wear a tag. Please visit City of Toronto Pet Licensing
Where are the local vets and grooming services?
Where is the nearest dog park?
Once you’ve checked all these things off your list you should be able to relax and enjoy your move.


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