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Preparing Your Garden For Fall

Tuesday Aug 31st, 2021


As summer wraps up it’s time to start thinking about getting your garden ready for the fall & winter AND the spring. After consulting the experts we’ve put together a list of some things you may want to do to ensure that you can enjoy your garden for as long as you can this fall and that it’s ready to go in the spring.

Don’t stop watering just yet.

You should continue to water shrubs and trees up until the first frost but stop watering tuberous begonias. 

PRO TIP: When you’ve watered for the last time make sure you drain & shut off your outdoor faucets.

Feed your garden beds

PRO TIP: If you have an abundance of leaves, run them over with the lawnmower and use them as compost for your garden beds. You will want to add compost or manure to your garden beds.

🌳Don’t forget to cover any sensitive shrubs.

Clean up

🍃Bring in any clay pots before the first frost. Make sure you clean them out too.

🍃Clean & store your garden tools, don’t forget the lawnmower.

🍃Pull any weeds now, that way they won’t be able to go to seed and you’ll have fewer weeds in the spring.

🍃If you have a rain barrel, empty it and cover it or turn it upside down

🍃Before bringing your house plants in for the winter check them for pests. Most will do well near south-facing windows.

🍃At the very last minute, clean, cover & store your garden furniture so it’s ready for the spring.


Fertilize your lawn one last time. 

🌹Fertilize your roses one last time too. 

🌹If you have any fruit trees, it’s best to fertilize them after harvest. 

🌹Use a transplant fertilizer on any new shrubs or trees.

Plant some bulbs for the spring. 

Don’t stop at tulips and daffodils, plant garlic in the fall and you can have a harvest of garlic scapes at the end of June & then the heads in July.

If you are planning to plant new shrubs or trees experts suggest that be done 6 weeks before the first frost to give them the best chance of survival. It allows the roots to establish before winter.

Most importantly let’s enjoy these last few days of summer and the beautiful fall that will be upon us in no time.


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