The Top Ten Little Things That Scream “My House Looks Dated!!!”

Tuesday Sep 24th, 2019


We often think about the BIG reno’s when we think of dated homes, those are easy to spot but heavy on the pocket book to fix. But don’t sabotage all that time, effort and money by forgetting the little items too. It does not take much to put off a buyer!

The Top Ten Little Things That Date Your Home:

  1. Dirty old switch plate covers and switches. - Old “flip” switches and off colour or faded colour plates are one of those easy to forget or not get around to updates.

  2. Old and banged up trim and baseboards. - Sometimes all they need is a quick coat of paint, but then there are times where the 2 inch baseboard with faux cedar door trim just won’t cut it anymore.  

  3. Off white ceiling. - You hear about the colour of the walls all the time, and there seems to be the colour flavour of the year every year. But a dull ceiling puts a downer on everything. Brighten up the ceiling with a fresh coat and the difference is palpable.

  4. Dirty window sills. - Buyers will be checking out windows no matter how new your window may be, a line of mildew or blackness will leave the impression of old and dated in no time. Make sure to clean the window and the sills too.

  5. Interior door knobs and hardware. - There was a time that the gold round door knobs were all the rage. But now there are limitless options of lever style door fixtures that are sleek and also easier for our aging population to handle… pardon the pun.

  6. Wall paper. - Now this comes with a disclaimer. Wall paper has made a bit of a comeback as an accent wall or focal point. But the old wall paper wainscoting trick, or the wall paper crown molding will take buyers back down memory lane.

  7. Light fixtures. - Now this one can add up, but you would be surprised how reasonable newer fixtures cost at some of the big box stores. Perhaps too, it’s as simple as upgrading your bulbs to LED.

  8. Window coverings. - LOUD patterns, dust filled micro blind go with simple and elegant, for the most part you want the blinds drawn back to allow for as much natural light as possible.

  9. Counters. - If your laminate counter looks like a cutting board, or of the sides are hanging off, maybe even kept together with sticky tape… it’s time to at least update the counters. As granite has become so prevalent these days and new Products like Quartz are coming in, the cost of granite counter is not nearly as astronomical as years past. \

  10.  Ceiling fans. - If you look up and are amazed at how that huge pile of dust sticks to the blade of your fan and not cause a dust storm… it is time to get a new look!!!! The old bronze fixture with the wicker inset fan blades harkens back to yesteryear.

A few extra little things to think about if you are worried about your home having that dated feel. If you are thinking about a major reno, please feel free to give us a call. There is nothing worse than not thinking about resale, when you are considering a major change to one of your most important investments!!!

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