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Fun Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Wednesday Dec 21st, 2022


Thinking about shaking it up this festive season but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some GREAT Christmas traditions you might want to incorporate into your family’s celebrations.
On December 3rd Norwegians start to celebrate  "julebord", with friends and coworkers filling up local bars and restaurants throughout the month. Families then celebrate Little Christmas on Dec. 23; each have their own ritual for the day that may include decorating the tree, making a gingerbread house, and eating "risengrynsgrøt" (hot rice pudding).
Looking for something to do on Christmas Eve? In Iceland, in a tradition called “Jolabokaflod” or the Yule Book Flood, they exchange books with one another on Christmas Eve and then spend the evening cuddled up with hot chocolate. Please feel free to swap out hot chocolate for your beverage of choice.
Danish families are known to place their Christmas tree in the middle of the room on Christmas Eve and dance around it while singing carols.
Start Christmas morning off like the Finnish do with a porridge made of rice and milk topped with cinnamon, milk, or butter. Whoever finds the almond placed inside one of the puddings "wins". At the end of the day it is also customary to warm up in the sauna together.
Thinking about switching up Christmas dinner this year? In Japan Christmas isn’t really a thing but back in the 1970s KFC had a wildly successful ad campaign "Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!" or "Kentucky for Christmas!” It continues to this day with KFC having 2-hour long lineups at stores on Christmas day!
However you choose to spend the holidays we wish you love & laughter with family and friends, now and into the new year.


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