Spring 2024 Decor Trends Inside & Out

Wednesday Apr 10th, 2024


As the days get longer and warmer it’s fun to start thinking about refreshing our homes inside & out. We’ve talked to the experts and they’ve given us some great ideas on how to revamp your space without spending too much money.

First of all this spring all bets are off. Designers are talking about everything from bold colours & patterns to retro vibes and all things organic. Incorporating reflective surfaces is getting a lot of attention too. 

Their advice, picking a theme and sticking with it, is touted as the best way to really make an impact. Here are some tried and true ideas on how to make it happen. Starting by going through each room, one at a time. Making small changes throughout is an easy fun way to liven up your entire home. 

Small changes can make a big impact. 
Think about updating throw pillows, bedding and table top pieces to really transform a room. 
New place mats or table runners in your eating areas, inside and out make a big difference. 

Switching up your bedding for the season and adding some new towels to the bathroom can make a big difference.
Moving your wall art from one room to another can really give a room a boost without spending any money.
Adding cozy throws and a rug on the patio makes your outside space all the more inviting as the weather is just starting to warm up.
Bring a little spring inside by getting your garden started with some plants inside for now and then when the weather really warms up you can move them outside.

Use what you already have. Go through your kitchen cupboards, linen closets and storage spaces and see what you have on hand from past seasons. Switching up a few decor items on a bookshelf or side table can be a really nice touch to finish off a room.

Now that you’ve got some ideas, have fun! Spring 2024 is going to be a good one!


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