Tuesday Jun 04th, 2019


Spring is the perfect time to clean house-both literally and figuratively. As you emerge from winter hibernation, here are some tactics to help both your health and your home get ready for the new season.

Do Some Decluttering

Clutter on the home has been linked to increased levels of anxiety. No, you don’t have to go full Marie Kondo. But why not get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in years, or donate the miscellaneous kitchen items you never use?

Get Healthy Kitchen Tools

As more fresh fruits and veggies come into season this spring. Make sure you have the kitchen tools needed to take advantage of fresh produce and eat and drink healthier. This could mean upgrading to a high-quality blender or getting a juicer.

Get A Hepa Filter

If you really want to treat your respiratory system, get a plug-in HEPA filter. These suck up allergens, mold, and even viruses and bacteria around your home to help keep you breathing healthy.

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