modern living room text: Staging Your HOme LIGHTING edition

Staging Your Home - LIGHTING edition

Tuesday Jul 04th, 2023


Once you’ve decluttered & depersonalized your space, hiring a handyman to make sure that everything is working and is in tip top shape is the next step. A fresh coat of paint can make a HUGE difference too. The next item on the list that is often overlooked, maximizing your lighting. 

What can good lighting do for you?
💡A properly lit space looks bigger. 
💡You can use lighting to draw attention to features that you want to emphasize.  
💡Lighting also sets the mood you are trying to create in your home. 

Here are some tips we’ve learned from the experts.
Don’t forget exterior lighting!
A properly lit home will look safer & more appealing. Prospective buyers often cruise the neighbourhood at night to check it out.
Lighting on paths and lights showcasing garden features can be an easy way to make a great first impression. Remember the backyard too!

Let in the natural light.
Make sure blinds & curtains are open. Don’t forget to clean both the windows and the window coverings to really help your home shine bright.

Think about the purpose of each room and light accordingly. 
Kitchens & bathrooms should be quite bright. In the kitchen, think about adding under cabinet lights. In the bathrooms a light over the mirror can really brighten the space. Bedrooms & living areas can be more cozy. Using  lamps to highlight spaces can be really effective. 

Don’t forget…
✔️Replace old fixtures. 
✔️Make sure every lightbulb is working. 
✔️If there’s an overhead receptacle it should have a working fixture.

Good to know…
💡Use classic incandescent lights, or “soft whites”.
💡Halogen lights look the most natural
💡100 watts of light for every 50 sq ft.

Staging your home can be an important part of showing prospective buyers all of your home’s assets. A key to that is using lighting to highlight your home’s best features. Visit our blogs How To Prepare Your Home For Sale and Staging Your Home for more ideas on who to prepare your home for sale.


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