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House Hunting Checklist

Tuesday Aug 30th, 2022


The first step to becoming a homeowner is getting a pre-approved mortgage. For more on that please visit our blog "What First-Time Buyers Need To Know About Pre-Approved Mortgages''. The next step is figuring out where you want to live. Check out our blog "Location, location, location..." for tips on how to figure out the perfect neighbourhood for your family.
Now that your finances are in order and you know what neighbourhood you want to live in it's time to figure out what are the must-haves for your new house to be your dream home and what items are on your wish list. Remember you should be thinking of those two things in terms of right now AND the next 3-5 years. Now it's time to figure out what your dream home must-haves are! Give some thought to the following questions...
Are you looking for a fixer upper or do you need it to be in turnkey condition?
You can save some money if you're looking for a fixer upper, or can you? Depending on how handy you are and what your budget is will make a big difference in whether or not your dream home is a turnkey property or a fixer upper.
How many bedrooms do you need?
Think about what you're needs are now and what they will be in 3-5 years from now. Will the kids need their own rooms soon? Are you planning for more kids? Do you need a guest room for visitors? Does your high school kid heading off to college need the same size room now as they will next year? Could a bedroom be used as a home office?
What kind of outdoor space do you need?
This could well decide whether you looking for a house or a condo. Will a balcony cut it or is a backyard a must? Do you need a yard for a dog? Do your kids need room to play outside?
How many bathrooms are on your wish list?
A main floor powder room may be a must have if you've little ones that will be potty training or or someone has mobility issues. It may be on the wish list category if you're hosting business associates in your home office . If one full bathroom enough? What about an ensuite? Must-have or wish list?
Do you need a separate dining area?
Will you be hosting the big family dinners? Could that space be used for something else right now, and then converted back as the kids get older?
There's lots to think about when deciding what are must-haves as opposed to wish list items. I'm happy to chat with you about what will make your next house your dream home or any other questions you have. 


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