Tips For Moving With Pets

Tuesday Nov 24th, 2020


Moving isn’t fun, I don’t care what anybody says but if you’re organized it can be a lot easier than one would imagine. Something to take into consideration is how the move is going to affect your pet. The easier it is on them, the easier it will be on you. Here are some tips and tricks to help make your move as stress-free as possible for your furry family members.

Contact your vet
If you’re moving out of the area ask for recommendations for a new vet and ask your vet for any suggestions on how to make the move easier for your specific pet.

2. Prepare an overnight kit. Have their water dish and food bowl with their treats and meals for the next day already organized and easy to access. Make sure their favourite toys are easy to access too. Their bed or a favourite blanket will go a long in making them feel safe. If they’ve got any meds, make sure they are in the overnight kit too. Think of stuff that you may need in the next couple of days rather than just overnight. Grooming items, kitty litter, leashes, jackets if it’s cool outside…

3. Keep them away from the move as much as possible. If you’ve got a friend or family member or going to a doggie daycare would be great. If you have a dog walker, try and schedule them for that day so that there is a little consistency for the dog and it ticks one more thing off your list of to-dos.

4. When you arrive at your new home make sure your pet is on a leash or in a carrier so they don’t take off. 

5. Find a secure place and unpack their stuff from your overnight kit.

6. Have a family member or friend take them for a walk in the new neighbourhood. It should help with accidents, reduce stress, for both of you, and you might even meet some new neigbhours.

7. Update their contact information
Make sure that the information attached to their microchips and/or tags is up to date.

8. Do you need a permit?
Find out if you need a permit in your new neighbourhood. If you aren’t moving far it may be as easy as updating your address.

9. Enjoy your new home with your furry friend.

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