Holiday Decor Trends 2023

Christmas Design Trends 2023

Wednesday Nov 22nd, 2023


Looking to update your Holiday decorations this year? We’ve been asking around and here are some hot new trends for 2023.

Soft neutrals were big this fall and they are still hot for this holiday season! Calming tones like muted grays, soft blues and pale pinks give off an elegant vibe. Using these soft neutrals with vintage inspired glassware, ornaments and nature inspired themes gives an elegant, subtle vibe to Christmas decor.
Pine cones, wreaths, & urns brimming with cedar boughs dusted in neutral tones with soft neutral ribbons and baubles make a great statement on your front porch.
Outside using forest creatures like deer, racoons & pixies can add a whimsical feeling that the whole neighbourhood can enjoy.

Heading in the complete opposite direction the Barbie movie is still having a big influence on home decor with touches of hot pinks added to wreaths, trees and table center pieces. Make a bold statement by adding Barbie pink inspired ribbons, Christmas tree ornaments and foliage wherever you want. Want to take it to the next step, use a Barbie as your tree topper!

Retro Kitch is another fall trend that is big for the holiday season this year. Quirky and whimsical ornaments, with retro inspired elements tucked into fresh greens adds a playful twist to your holiday decor. Using multi-coloured lights both inside and out give your home that 70’s retro vibe.

Thinking of a White Christmas? Adding lots of white elements to a neutral or whimsical or even kitchy theme can give a more elegant look.

A big new trend that has been showing up over the last few years is permanent outdoor lighting. People are adding everything from multicoloured lights to basic whites to shine all year round.

Updating your holiday decor can be as easy as buying a few pivotal pieces like a new tree topper, tree skirt and/or few decorations, some ribbon and baubles and you have a whole new look this holiday season without breaking the bank. 


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