Beware Of The One Liners We’ve All Heard

Tuesday Dec 24th, 2019


As in any industry everyone wants you to think they have the edge. Often it is a lead to get you to “buy into” what they have to offer and it is often too good to be true. In our changing society when you most certainly can’t judge the book by its cover, this “too good to be true” is increasingly the reality. In the Real Estate industry there are a few one liners you may want to consider more closely.

I Have A Buyer For Your Home

This is the biggest one perhaps. It surely gets your attention. However, does it hold up to the test? When someone confronts you with this, they are doing it on premise that you will work with them to allow them to bring their buyer through your home and perhaps buy it. Good enough, if that is the case, great. Be cautious when the paper work starts. They will probably want you to sign a listing agreement. This listing will clarify the price being offered, the commission paid and the length of the contract. If the length of the contract is weeks or even months … stop. Why would this be necessary? If there is a buyer then surely it should only take a matter of days. The type of agreement is the key; an exclusive listing is the fitting form for this situation. If they want it on MLS… stop! This is going beyond one buyer! Do they really have a buyer or was this the game plan all along… is it one buyer or are they trying to find one? Some Realtors use this phrase, simply to get you to agree to a listing that is way beyond the required time to show one buyer, so it is their way of getting their foot in the door, your door.

A Buyer Will Only Buy Within Their Nationality

Nonsense! If that were the case new buyers would buy only form Realtors in their community, and would never extend to other areas! If a buyer is more comfortable speaking their own language with the person representing them, they most likely have a “Buyers Agent” that does.

I Can Sell Your Home When Nobody Else Would

Really!? Do they have local inroads to buyers? Are they accustomed to marketing our area or do they sell homes typically in our regions? If that is their base, are buyers REALLY looking at their advertising for a country property outside of the Realtors area of expertise? We work and live in your community. We market to the locals surrounding area. We know how to find buyers. Buyers come to us and our marketing because they know this is our market.  

 I Sell More Than, Or Am Number 1

Haven’t we all heard that “1”? How often is it the case? When you are reading marketing materials, ads in the paper or on the internet it is mandated that if someone makes a statement they have to Back It Up! So read it closely. Does it say “number one for sales for xyz realty”? Does it say for what period of time? Is it based on LOCAL Real Estate sales or the number one sales person in Timbuktu. The list is long as to what it might say, but they don’t want you to read that, they want you to be caught up in the main phrase. The rest is in small print, sometimes very small! If there is no fine print often times it is referred to in a different area identified with an * but if no qualifier exists… don’t trust it.

When we sit with you, we bring hard statistics. What we have sold, where we have sold it and how long we have been selling!

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