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Tips for painting your home

Monday Nov 02nd, 2020


Does painting a room in your home sound like something you’d like to take on but aren’t sure if you’re up for it?  Here are some tips from experts that we thought would help.
Apparently, success in painting your home yourself depends on one thing: How much prep work was done. Who knew? Here are some tips we’ve picked up from the pros.
Advanced prep work in 6 easy steps

-pull furniture away from the walls and out of the way if possible
furniture sliders can help protect your floors but so can old pieces of fabric under each leg/foot of furniture. In a larger room you can move the furniture to the centre of the room, in a smaller room removing some pieces would help
-unplug any lighting or electronics and store them in a safe place.
-remove outlet plates, keep them near the outlet w/the screws so you don’t lose anything or waste time figuring what goes where.

-cover any furniture and the floor with plastic cloth or old bedsheets. Use tape or heavy objects to keep the floor covers in place.

-remove wall decor
make sure you store it somewhere safe, in another room so it isn’t damaged.
-tape the whole room just before you paint. Remove the tape right after painting, it stops the paint from drying on the tape.
If you follow the tips above you should be able to get the job done in a day!

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