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4 Things That People Are Looking For In A Post COVID-19 Home

Tuesday May 11th, 2021


The pandemic has changed the way we live and there is no doubt that what buyers are looking for in a home has changed. As people adapt to this new way of living they are reconsidering what they are looking for in their future home. Potential home buyers have a whole new list of priorities.

This is what we’ve heard from buyers...

  1. Flexible layouts to accommodate multiple home offices, exercise space, and a need for privacy. Reimagining floor plans is a new art. Traditional homes with less open concept spaces suddenly seem more attractive.
  2. There is a premium on outdoor space. Not only is this now much-needed extra living space with everyone home, but it also gives us the opportunity to socialize safely without bringing guests into our homes.
  3. Accommodating a home office has never been more important. Whether it’s a nook in the kitchen or part of a bedroom space with the hopes of having an uninterrupted Zoom meeting. A former guest bedroom is the new home office.
  4. With everyone home, a need for privacy is essential. A bedroom space that is large enough to become a part-time home office or gym, maybe just a reading nook for a little me time definitely adds bonus points when house hunting.

Life after COVID is going will take some time to recover from, for many people a new home is a way to adapt to this new way of life. 


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