10 Ways to Make Your Non-Working Fireplace Spark Joy

Monday Dec 23rd, 2019



  1. Fill it with variety of votive candles

If you still want your fireplace to add a sense of warmth, go for candles. The key wit this look is to use a variety of heights, shapes, and sizes to get that truly cozy effect. If you don’t want to deal with open flames or wax, you can opt for flameless candles that look like the real thing, plus you can simply turn them on with a remote control.

  1. Put in a mirror

If you love the candle idea, go one step further by installing a mirror insert or placing a framed mirror against the faux fireplace. This will reflect the flickering light from the candle and add major depth to your living space.

  1. Stack it with books

Once you’ve cleaned sealed your fireplace you can stack the open area with some books. You can go the neat route and stack your books backwards with the spines facing to the back, which creates a clean, monochromatic look. Or you can master the messy look by stacking your books in a purposely disheveled manner for that vintage feel.

  1. Stack it with real logs on a fancy log holder

You can make it seem like you have a working fireplace by placing real logs in there. Beech or oak make for good-looking logs for display. Take it one step further and prop them up on an indoor holder made or brass or wrought iron.

  1. Place an ornate fire screen in front of it

Fire screens are typically used to protect yourself and your items from sparks. But just because there are no sparks to worry about doesn’t mean there’s no reason to have one anyway. Fire screens often come in different designs, materials, and colours to match the décor you already have going on. The best part is they make a great focal point.

  1. Retile it in a bold pattern

Get creative and retile the back of your fireplace with fun, bold patterns that will truly grab attention. Not only will it add visual appeal, it will help to modernize an old fireplace. Some stylish patterns you could play with include herringbone, chevron, and fish scale.

  1. Display one, two or a dozen plants

If you’re a plant lover and have enough natural light available, a non-functioning fireplace may be the perfect place to cluster all your plants around. Place them around the fireplace, have them popping out of the faux firebox, make them dangle from the mantel – there’s lots of ways to use plants to turn your fireplace into a green sanctuary.

  1. Display your favourite sculpture

If you’ve got a unique sculpture or a large decorative vase, place it in front of the fireplace. That’s a sure – fire way to make it stand attention.

  1. Lean framed artwork against it

Art doesn’t always have to be hung on the wall. Leaning it against the fireplace can cover up an empty firebox while showing off your beautiful artwork. Make sure your artwork is big enough to cover the entire firebox. If you want to add even more visual interest to the space, layer your large piece with smaller pieces.

  1. Place a decorative basket inside

You’ve probably got a stack of cozy pillows and throws somewhere in the closet. Take them out and place them inside a decorative basket made out of a warm material like woven jute or seagrass. Not only does it add instant warmth to the room, you’ll now have easy access to all your winter essentials.

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