Preparing Your Home for Sale in the Fall

Tuesday Aug 29th, 2023


Fall can be a great time to sell your home. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you are  letting prospective buyers see your home in its best light this fall season.

Clean the furnace & chimney 
Having a warm cozy home creates a great ambiance on a cool fall day. Have the furnace serviced and make sure the chimney is in good working order. At the very least change the furnace filter and sweep out the fireplace.

Clean the gutters
A gutter that is full of leaves and branches can make a home look poorly maintained. Keep in mind that the condition of the eavestroughs can be a big part of the first impression your home makes.

Clean the windows
Having clean windows says a lot about a home. Not only does it let the light in but it shows prospective buyers that the home is well-maintained. Check to see if the drapes, blinds or shutters need a once over too.

Celebrate the season with your decor. 
A wreath on the front door & fall decor accents inside are a great way to make the most of selling your home in the fall. Think throw pillows and blankets, candles, flower arrangements, tea towels and hand towels. Try and give each room a little boost.

Make it smell good
A scented candle or the whiff of some fresh baking wafting through the house can add a touch of fall to your home. Keep it light though, you don’t want to overwhelm potential buyers.

As the days grow shorter it’s important to make sure your home looks bright and cozy at the same time. Make sure all the light bulbs are working. All the drapes, blinds and shutters should be open to let in as much natural light as possible. Visit our blog Staging Your Home - LIGHTING edition” for lots of great ideas.

The garden
Make sure the leaves have been swept off the walks and the lawn.
Try updating your flower beds with some fall annuals
Don’t forget your front porch, an urn with fall foliage will help make a great first impression.

The entryway
Make sure you’re set up for visitors. An updated mat on the front porch and inside the front door can really help with keeping your home as clean as possible when showing your home.

Your home is now ready for a successful fall sale!


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