When It Comes To Water Damage, What’s Covered?

Tuesday Mar 24th, 2020


Getting water damage insurance is a no-brainer. It can cover the replacement of personal belongings. All of these expenses can add up to ten-of-thousands of dollars. Whether or not you’re covered depends on the type of damage and your insurance policy. Read on to learn more about the different types of water damage, as well as what’s normally covered and what’s not.

Overflowing water

If your toilet accidentally overflows from a clog or your pipes burst all of a sudden, this can cause extensive water damage to your house. Fortunately, standard insurance policies typically cover the sudden and accidental escapes of water from a domestic fixture, e.g., sinks, pipes, toilets, bathtubs, washing machines, dishwashers, and yes, even a waterbed. If the water damage is caused by slow leaks, it may not be covered as it wouldn’t be considered sudden and accidental.

Overland Flooding

Overland flooding occurs when water enters your home as a result of an overflow of a body of water, such as rivers and dams. Torrential downpours or spring runoff are common causes of overland flooding, and it’s becoming more common in Canada. As a result, more home insurance policies are starting to cover loss or damage caused by this type of flooding. It’s typically offered as a separate endorsement that you must purchase on top of your basic policy, and the cost depends on your neighbourhood’s risk factor. If you live in a high-risk flood area, the coverage may not be available to you.

Roof Leaks

Ice damming occurs when heat form the attic melts the snow and ice on the roof, causing water to seep into the house. This happens where there is insufficient attic insulation or when eaves troughs get clogged and prevent water from escaping. You can usually spot the signs of a leaking roof when you notice peeling paint or stains on the ceiling and walls. Luckily, this type of water damage is typically covered by most basic home insurance policies.

Not sure what your policy covers? Speak to your insurance provider and go over your policy to understand your options and coverage limits.

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