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Prepping Your Garden For Spring

Tuesday Mar 14th, 2023


Now that March Break is underway I can’t help but start thinking about getting ready for the warmer weather and all it has to offer. In this blog post we’re going to talk about getting your garden ready for spring. It’s a bit early to start planting but here are a few things you can do so that your garden is ready to go.
One of the first things you can do is to clear the mulch and debris from around your perennials  and where you’ve got bulbs. This gives the bulbs the best chance of making an early appearance. You can cut back any dead stems on the perennials too.
Now that the beds have been cleaned up it’s a great time to top dress them. This involves spreading an inch or two of compost (or soil mix) on top of the soil. You can also top dress your lawn. This will help rejuvenate the soil and replenish its nutrients.
Remove any protective plant coverings. The general rule is they can be removed once there isn’t any risk of further frost. Usually the snow has melted & ground has started to thaw a bit. Experts suggest you remove the covers on a cloudy day or at the end of the day so the new buds don’t get burned by the spring sun.
Inspect your garden beds for any damage. Winter can be hard on wooden frames and you want to make sure that your beds are ready for when the soil is workable. This will give you some time to get them repaired so you’re ready to go when you want to start planting.
Now that your garden is ready for the next phase, check out our Spring Maintenance checklist.
You can also check out our blog Spring Cleaning: tips & tricks. There’s lots of great ideas.


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