Dictionary definition of the word hygge

What Exactly Is HYGGE?

Tuesday Dec 08th, 2020


First things first, it’s pronounced “hue-guh”. It’s a Danish word used to describe the feeling of achieving a sense of well-being. It really describes the idea of being cozy, special, or charming. A state of mind, if you will, that is calm, slow, and content. Collins English Dictionary defines the word as "a concept, originating in Denmark, of creating cozy and convivial atmospheres that promote wellbeing."

Hygge recognizes that the small things in life are what can get you through the long winter. It’s about how the simple pleasures feed the soul, how being aware that this moment can be enjoyed, no matter what else is going on. It’s about giving yourself a small break so you can refresh and face what is ahead. It’s not just about enjoying the simple pleasures, one of the main tenents of hygge is surrounding yourself with family and friends, making the simple joys all the more valuable, not so easy in these COVID times.

I think we all need to incorporate a little hygge into our daily lives. We can work on mastering it now so we’ve got it down pat by the time winter really sets in. 

Here are some ideas for achieving hygge in the pandemic.

  1. Plan a Facetime coffee/hot chocolate date with a friend.
  2. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Light candles, stay in bed a little bit longer…
  3. Try a new hobby. Paint by numbers? Knitting? 
  4. Start a puzzle. Leave it out so family members can add to it whenever they want.
  5. Play cards or a game. There are lots of websites where you can play cards or games with friends near and far. Set up a regular game to help stay connected.
  6. Enjoy a good book. Plan to read the same book with some friends and discuss it over a ZOOM call.
  7. Relax in front of a roaring fire. No fireplace? Light a candle or string up some twinkle lights.
  8. Get outside. Invite a friend for a walk. 

It’s all about making a point of creating, enjoying & acknowledging the small joys in life & integrating them into our daily lives so that we can build the resilience to get us through the long, dark winter.

Let’s get hygge!

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