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Moving Tips: Doing Things In An Orderly Way

Tuesday May 25th, 2021


Moving into a new home is so exciting, packing up everything you own, not so much! Here are some tips we learned from the experts over the years that can make the whole process as painless as possible. It’s amazing how just doing things in the right order can make the experience so much easier. 

ONE: Book the movers: Ask friends or your real estate agent if they recommend anyone, compare prices and get the movers booked. Now that you’ve got the final part of the move taken care of, it’s time to get started with the packing.

TWO: Be prepared: Collect boxes, markers, & packing material.
You will want to label every box properly, at the very least with the room you want the box to end up in your new home. The more detailed the better.  This will save you a ton of time in the long run. PRO TIP: use sheets, towels, table linens, old clothes… to wrap fragile items.

THREE: Packing: You can start packing pretty early in the process. The trick is to pack in the right order so your day-to-day life isn’t affected.

1. Items you aren’t using: Think storage areas, under beds, spare rooms closets, high cupboards…This a great opportunity to go through your stuff and decide what you want to keep, donate or throw out.

2. Non-essential items: Artwork, knick-knacks, books, non-perishables…

3. The order you pack up rooms: Start with rooms that you don’t use much, they can be a great place to pile up the boxes you’ve already packed. Over the next few weeks, you’ll want to pack up the least commonly used rooms and then end up with the essential rooms like the kitchen and kids rooms.

FOUR: Pack an overnight kit: A fully stocked overnight bag is only the first step. Start thinking about what each family member can’t live without for 24 hours. The coffee maker & the fixings would definitely be on my list. Don’t forget about Fido’s food & water dish.  

I don’t think anyone looks forward to packing up their home and moving, being prepared makes the whole experience easier.

Good luck & welcome to your new home!

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