LAST CHANCE Winter Garden Checklist

Last Chance: Winter Garden Checklist

Tuesday Nov 09th, 2021


A quick reminder of the last few things you need to take care of before you can confidently say that your garden is ready for the winter. 

First off it’s suggested that you stop watering your garden after the first frost though your trees & shrubs can be watered until the ground is frozen over.

Most importantly:
🚨Shut off outdoor faucets & drain the garden hoses

Also pretty important:
🌳Fertilize the lawn
🌳Add mulch the roses bushes
🌳Protect small trees & shrubs

You’ll be so happy if you:
🍃Clean leaves out of downspouts & eavestroughs
🍃Put the outdoor furniture away
🍃If you have a rain barrel, now’s the time to turn it over

For the real keeners:
🧄Plant garlic now & harvest garlic scapes at the end of June AND garlic bulbs in July
🌷Buy bulbs to force this winter

Now you can sit back and enjoy everything the winter has to offer.


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