Hello summer 2020

Tuesday Jun 09th, 2020


As we approach our third month of sheltering in place & social distancing and washing our hands (more than we ever thought possible).  Making an effort to do our part to flatten the curve and protect ourselves against the 2nd wave of the coronavirus, summer is upon us. I can’t help but reflect on how much our world has changed. These last few months have been a crazy ride that’s for sure.
drawings of flip flops, watermelon... with Hello SummerWill those of us who revealed themselves as culinary geniuses and expert bakers take a backseat to barbecuers extraordinaire over the next little while? It could happen. I’m going to continue to focus on trying to reheat yesterday’s take-out fries to last night’s crispy perfection, but that’s just me.
When the pandemic started we were reminded that our health care workers are superheroes. Then it became evident that our cashiers & grocery store workers, and truck drivers were also frontline workers helping to keep us safe & feed through this ordeal. As schools closed and classes went on line we all realized a whole new level of appreciation for our children’s teachers and the support staff in schools. 
Let’s work together as we move into the second phase of reopening Ontario, that we all want so desperately. As we move into summer, remember to support our local businesses, they need us more now as they ever have before. Wearing masks to keep the other guy safe and weaving through the streets keeping our social distance, helping us to get out there and enjoy our beloved summer.

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