Futuristic Family Room Ideas You’ll Want Right Now!

Tuesday Jul 02nd, 2019


Technology has changed a lot of things about the way we live, so it’s inevitable that it will change one of the most used spaces in our homes: the family room. Not to be confused with the more formal living room, a family room is used much more regularly. They’re the gathering place for everyone to convene and socialize, and they’re typically more kid-friendly. Here are some ways technology companies are taking family rooms to the next level.

Vibrating Couches

Companies are constantly trying to create the most immersive experience possible for their customers. Immersit is a company based in France that has created a device that slips under your feet of your sofa and turns your passive sitting experience into a 4D ride that shakes and vibrates to the tune of movies and games on your screen. Whether something had exploded on screen or you’ve crashed your car during Mario Kart, you’ll feel a definite rumble underneath you.

Holographic TVs

Move over 4K televisions. Holographic TVs are the latest game changers in home entertainment. Several companies including Samsung have been working on patents for a while, and though the technology is still many years away, more research and development has been going into making this a reality. Hypothetically, how a holographic TV would work is that a light would be projected through a panel and lens to produce images that hover in front of a display. The price may be astronomical and the quality of the images might be questionable, but it’s certainly an exciting prospect to look forward to in the future.

Vocal and Gesture Controls

You can command your smartphone to tell you what the weather is like outside. You can even unlock your phone just by hovering your face over the screen. So why can’t televisions change the channel at the sound of your voice? Turns out this capability is already out there. LG Electronics has a Magic Remote that lets you change the channel by using your voice. But more interestingly, it lets you control the display by writing a number in the air with your finger or waving your hand in front of the screen. It works by using a high-resolution camera on the TV that can interpret your finger movements.

Wireless TV Keyboards

If you’ve ever had to search for a show by using your remote control to slowly move for one letter to the next, then you’re probably wondered why there isn’t a better solution. Well, there is. Logitech has been making keyboards designed for smart TVs for some time. Its latest, the K600 keyboard, has an integrated QWERTY keypad, navigation keys, volume buttons, and a track pad that lets you scroll and move the cursor with ease. It’s wireless and has a long battery life so you don’t have to constantly keep it charged.

 Smart Scents

If the family room is where you do most of your entertaining, then you can’t forget about the scent of your space. While candles and diffusers are perfectly fine, one company from Israel called Agan Aroma has decided to step up people’s scent games by developing a high-tech device called Moodo. It works like a “scent DJ” by releasing mixed aromas from pre-set capsules as soon as you make the command from your smartphone app. You can even change the scent to match the mood, going from lavender to citrus to vanilla all in one night.

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