As The World Slowly Opens

Tuesday Jul 21st, 2020


It has been three months since the start of this world pandemic, a very long three months. Our heads have been spinning by the tragedy, not only in other places but close to home also. Countless thousands who have not survived and millions of others whose lives have been turned upside down or even shattered. Loved ones lost, jobs lost, business’ that will not reopen. Don’t forget those heroes that every day, every minute, put their lives on the line so the rest of us can make it through, many of whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Then there is being locked away in our homes, learning how to shop again form those places that are open, all of which seem trivial but are still a reality. No more dining out! At least not for awhile, unless you are dinning on your lap after a drive through.

So as the doors start to open, we are faced with the new reality of how to function. Who would have thought of wearing a face mask in public! Don’t touch this, don’t hug, no handshakes! Only 6 in the store at a time and oh yes, wait in line to get in and out! Still we can’t hug the grandkids.

We have had phone calls from buyers wondering what the “new reality” of home buying is. Can we buy a house in this state of all affairs? How do we protect ourselves and ensure the homeowner is protected.

We are still working. In fact Realtors were deemed an essential service from the start. There was a need to ensure our sellers both on the market and waiting for closings continued to be taken care of. Of course we started off working low key as we felt our way along in the new environment. Slowly, we have developed detailed plans and put programs in place for when things started happening again.

We continue to show homes, under new guidelines. From our online presentations, virtual face to face meetings with clients, a new era of selling has been put out into play. Buyers are still able to see homes, although we are hands on in ensuring strict agendas.

Home sellers were extremely nervous to start. Through diligent planning, with our new programs in place, many feel more comfortable with our approach to their home. We are working closely with current sellers and those that are in the process of preparing to come on the market. Face to face meetings do happen but with guidelines on our part. Having said that, we do limit this as well, while still keeping broad communications open.

Prior to March the early 2020 market was unprecedented. Our umbers well exceed any previous for that time of year. Although activity across the board slowed in early and late March we still saw activity. Many buyers watched the market from the safety of their home. Buyers are coming out of the woodwork at a surprising rate, our sales are rebounding. Several of our listings have sold, and at the time of this article we are working on offers on others. It is certainly a seller’s market!

With all that is happening, we are pleased to suggest that the coming months could make up for the pause in Real Estate sales early this year. The buyer base is strong and confidence to once again get active and house hunt is growing. This can indeed translate to a positive position for you if you wanted to sell with prices remaining as strong as before.

In order to help you make the decision let’s have a conversation. We can discuss the market, timing and market strategy. At all times the emphasis will e not only to get you the best price but to keep you, your family and your house safe.

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