What the Future of Condo Elevators Could Look Like

Wednesday Jan 15th, 2020


Whether you love them or hate them, elevators are a necessary part of condo living. As buildings get taller, elevator manufacturers have been forced to innovate to keep up with modern-day needs. In 1857, Otis Elevator invented the first passenger elevator in a five-storey building in New York City. This innovation ultimately paved the way for the rise – literally – of skyscrapers across the world and changed the face of urban landscapes forever. Despite the fact that elevators... [read more]

4Tips to Help Sell Your Home Faster

Tuesday Jan 07th, 2020


If your goal is sell your home faster, renovations can help move the needle. Buyers are attracted to a space that feels new and modern, so even small upgrades can go a long way – especially if it’s been decades since the last home upgrade. If you plan to put your house on the market, consider making these small but impactful updates before you list. FRESH PAINT A fresh coat of paint, both inside and outside the home, can brighten up the space and make it feel new... [read more]

The Not So Romantic Victorian Era

Tuesday Dec 31st, 2019


I have always wondered about the layout of the interiors of those homes. They are surely built to be functional. There was no luxury in those times such as designing a house just to accommodate a large table or a flat screen TV. Every room and every hallway was built for function. And it made sense. Heat rises, so the kitchen was actually the family room of the house, the place where the family gathered for eating, games and conversation. The scullery was the room at the back of the house... [read more]

10 Ways to Make Your Non-Working Fireplace Spark Joy

Monday Dec 23rd, 2019


  Fill it with variety of votive candles If you still want your fireplace to add a sense of warmth, go for candles. The key wit this look is to use a variety of heights, shapes, and sizes to get that truly cozy effect. If you don’t want to deal with open flames or wax, you can opt for flameless candles that look like the real thing, plus you can simply turn them on with a remote control. Put in a mirror If you love the candle idea, go one step further by... [read more]

Water Quality in the Home

Tuesday Nov 26th, 2019


Municipal water systems are required to test and monitor drinking water supplies to ensure safe and good-tasting water. But what happens once that water has been piped into towns, neighbourhoods, and homes? Older homes may still have service lines made of lead going into the home, which can cause lead to leach into the water. The local water supplier should be able to confirm the presence of lead service lines for homeowners. Older fixtures that contain lead, or lead that was used on pipe... [read more]