Flower blossoms: 8 ways to refresh your mid-summer garden

8 Ways To Refresh Your Garden Mid-Summer

Tuesday Jun 22nd, 2021


1. Liven up your containers by adding some sun-loving annuals to your pots

Here are some good options
💐 zinnias
💐 calibrachoas
💐 petunias
 💐 geraniums
💐 begonias

2. Add some new plants
Look for “drought-resistant” and “heat-tolerant” They will only require minimal maintenance and only regular watering. Think about plants that smell good or produce fruit for a nice surprise.
3. Add mulch
A new layer of mulch will not only make your garden beds look fresher, help them retain water, it helps suppress weeds. PRO-TIP: sprinkle pre-emergent herbicide over the soil before spreading the mulch.
4. Pruning, pinching & plucking flowers
This encourages new growth and really cleans up the garden. Don’t forget to nip buds and prune your plants as they get leggy. Not sure what to do, there are tons of resources online to guide you.
5. Clean up the garden beds 
Now’s the time to rake away any debris, pull up dead or unhealthy plants, and fill in any holes with compost. Use a trimmer or edger to clean up around shrubs, trees, and borders. Got grass? Check for brown spots and fill in with soil & seed. 
6. Keep an eye on pests
Inspect all your plants, blooms & shrubs for pests and deal with them accordingly.
7. Harvest & pinch your edibles
If you have vegetables make sure you keep on top of the harvest. If herbs are flowering, pinch back the bloom, it will restore the plants' energy and stimulate growth.
8. Garden furniture
Give your outdoor furniture a quick once over. Power wash it, if need be. Don’t forget to check & make sure the cushions don’t need mending.
Now that your garden is in tip-top shape, it’s time to sit back and ENJOY!


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