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Thinking Of Selling Your Home?

Tuesday Jan 18th, 2022


Three things that I think will make your experience successful! 
1. Buyers need to be able to see your home as their new home and ALL that it has to offer.
2. You need to be prepared financially.
3. You need to work with someone who has extensive knowledge of the real estate market in your area.
Get your home in order
⚽️Starting to make a list of repairs that need to be done is a great start.     
⚽️Decluttering room by room is also a great way to create a space that looks inviting to potential buyers.
⚽️A fresh coat of paint is a small investment that makes a huge difference.
If you want more details on these approaches, check out our blog

Be prepared financially
Now it’s time to make sure all your ducks are in a row! Knowing where you are financially and being confident about what steps you need to take to be best situated to sell your home can make all the difference.
🐤Know your credit score. 
🐤Pay down any debt
🐤Build an emergency fund
🐤Review your existing mortgage
For more details about how to achieve these goals check out our blog.

Work with an expert
As a real estate agent with 30+ years experience in buying & selling homes in the west end of Toronto. 
It has been my pleasure to work with people selling their homes for various reasons - moving to a larger home, leaving the city and selling much-loved family homes to go into retirement homes or a seniors residence. I also can refer you to a variety of different experts should you need them.

If you are thinking about selling your home, please give me a call at 416. 817.3747 or email at JoAnne@JoAnneGludish.com to share your thoughts and how I can work with you.


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