Selling Your Home

Thursday Mar 28th, 2019


IT IS INEVITABLE that at some point in our lives we decide to sell the house. We may have lived there since birth, purchased it not to long ago or maybe we built our dream home and it is time to move on. Either way we will be dealing with one of the biggest investments of our lives!

There are three variables in selling a house. One is the market place, how strong is it? Is it a buyers or sellers market? Are things moving? How long is it taking to sell a property in our area?

The second is the marketing. All too often, a home is listed and very little is done in the way of advertising the property. A sign is stuck on the lawn and the hope is that simply putting the listing on the local Real Estate Board will sell it. This is not marketing. A well laid out marketing plan, advertising in medians that work and not just for sake of having it in the local newspaper are all part of the plan.

Part three of the equation is the price itself. Often price can be determined by examining other properties in the area that have sold. It must be considered how your property compares to the others that have sold and those on the market today. There are pros and cons to every property and once this is all taken into account you have a balance. Timing of the other sales of course, is a consideration. If the market has come up substantially or not is also a consideration. Taking all of this into account, a probable selling price can be determined and thus a list price from there. 

If one or three of these are not taken into account, then you will see a home that seems to sit forever. A general guideline as to how long homes are taking to sell can be gained by examining the homes that have sold. Assuming you are in the same type of market as the other sales. If you have good marketing and it is taking a dramatically longer time to sell yours then it is time to take serious look at your list price. By judging the activity to your home, you can often understand what the market is telling you as to your list price.

As a lifetime Chairman’s Club Member, let my 33 years of success in real estate, extensive knowledge of the market, integrity and genuine enjoyment in helping people benefit you and yours. Call me, I look forward to hearing from you!

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