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Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re On Holiday

Tuesday Mar 01st, 2022


This is something that most of us haven’t had to think about for a while. Now that Canadians have finally been cleared to travel we thought some tips & tricks from the experts to help keep your home safe while you’re on holiday would come in handy.
Plan ahead 
➡️Have your mail & newspapers put on hold.
➡️Make sure the batteries in your smoke detectors are working.
➡️Give your home insurance a quick once over. You’ll probably be surprised what it covers while you’re away. Check out our “Let’s Talk Home Insurance” blog
➡️Arrange for someone you trust to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. 
➡️Depending on the time of year & how long you’re going to be gone, organize someone to take care of snow removal or to mow your lawn. An unkempt lawn can be a tell-tale sign of an empty house. 
➡️Ask a trusted someone to put the garbage out and bring it back in.
➡️ Think about keeping the car in the driveway. It can make the appearance that someone is in & out of the house.
As you’re heading out the door
✔️Make sure that all the windows & doors are locked.
PRO TIP: Assign one family member, to go through the house and make sure that every window & door is locked and sealed. Don’t forget the garage and back shed.
✔️Set timers on your lights. 
There are gadgets now that you can buy that work on your outside lights too. You can also set timers on electronics.
✔️Don’t close all the blinds. 
Leave a few halfway up so that the house doesn’t look completely closed up.
✔️If you have a home security system, make sure you turn it on & give the code to whoever is checking in on your home, just in case they set it off.
 ❎Don’t stash a key. Leave your keys with a neighbour, trusted friend or family member.

While you’re away
❎Don’t post on social media in real time. Save your photos for when you get home.

Now that you know your home is safe and ready for your return, ENJOY!
Bon Voyage! 


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