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How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Tuesday Apr 13th, 2021


Thinking about selling your home? Here are some tips & tricks we’ve learned along the way to help make sure that potential buyers see your house as their future home. The goal is always to create a space that potential buyers can see themselves living happily ever after. 


Declutter, declutter, declutter. This is a great time to donate & recycle items that you aren’t using anymore. 

Go through every room & closet in the house, don’t forget the front hall and the bathrooms. There shouldn’t be anything stored under the beds when you’re showing your house. Think about renting a storage unit to accommodate out-of-season clothes & decorations and things you won’t be using for a while.


Depersonalize the space. This is not a time for personal pictures and knick-knacks. You are trying to make your home into a blank slate so that the new owners can picture themselves here. Simple and neutral is what you are going for.


Hire a handyman. Make sure everything is working and in tip-top shape. Start a list and then hire a handyman to take care of any outstanding issues. Think leaky faucets, chipped paint, light fixtures that don’t work, a door that sticks, loose shelves/hooks… Quick fixes before selling are worth it, a major upgrade not so much.


Fresh coat of paint. One of the most inexpensive ways to brighten up a space is fresh paint. Think neutral palettes. Not all spaces will need to be repainted, quick touch-ups might just do the trick.


Clean, clean, clean. Your house should be sparkling clean. Make sure you don’t miss a spot!

🧽Windows, inside and out

🧽Furniture/drapes: especially if you have pets

🧽Inside of cupboards and closets, it’ll be so much easier now that they have been decluttered

🧽Vents, ceiling fans, behind the rads...

🧽Hiring a service before you start showing the home might be a thought.


Buying a home is a huge investment, creating an environment that potential buyers can picture themselves living in is key to a successful open house. 

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