Year in Review
See what we accomplished in 2016
Happy New Year

With 2017 behind us, I’d like to take a moment to reflect back on some numbers that marked this memorable year for me...

27,904,002,568Dollars worth of existing homes sold in Toronto (until Nov 30/17)

-19.1Percent year-over-year decrease in sales of single family detached homes in the GTA (as at November 30, 2017)

137Number of detached homes sold in W01 (YTD)

294Number of detached homes sold in W02 (YTD)

361Number of detached homes sold in W06 (YTD)

207Number of detached homes sold in W07 (YTD)

755Number of detached homes sold in W08 (YTD)

208Number of detached homes sold in W09 (YTD)

344Number of detached homes sold in W10 (YTD)

4Offers received one hour after a listing of mine appeared on the market

6Times Wilson the beagle chewed his bone on the forbidden white bedspread

6 Hours spent convincing my children to get their stuff out from our basement

ManyNeighbourhoods I happily cover for my clients

7Months since my new assistant Sheila joined the team

3Hours spent figuring out how to save data on a failing Blackberry

1Hour spent trying to convince JoAnne to switch to an Iphone

3Offers received on a property I listed on the very first day

6Offers placed on different homes by a client before a successful purchase

10Number of clients who persevered by making numerous offers on homes before they won the bid!

38Satisfied sellers;

31Happy buyers;

18Content rental clients

34Staging consults included as part of my listing program

52Complimentary home evaluations done across Etobicoke, Toronto & Mississauga

ManySatisfied clients who followed my recommended home stager’s advice and received their asking price or more!

34Years of my son, David, being in school with 2.5 more to go!

14Consecutive late nights closing deals

1Skunk spray for Wilson the beagle

1Night Wilson slept in the garage

0Dollars spent on speeding tickets (two consecutive years in a row!)

120Dollars spent on parking tickets

1Time Sheila walked around the outside of the CN Tower doing the Edgewalk

6Clients nervous about moving into retirement residences

12Years my daughter, Carolynn has been a pediatric nurse and unlimited years of continuing education ahead

4Clients I met at coffee, dress and dry cleaning shops on Bloor Street

Manyfavourable comments received for my Realtor Sweep program

CountlessTimes our fantastic brokerage front desk team has helped us out, always with a smile

350Times the front desk team has suggested JoAnne take a vacation

47Weekends spent hosting Public Open Houses for my clients

0Number of vacation days taken

1224Christmas cards signed & calendars mailed out

36Bags of leftover Halloween pretzels eaten by my team

12Days I was sidelined by stomach flu thanks to my granddaughters

14File drawers reorganized by our co-op students

4Times per week Sheila says, “One catastrophe at a time.”

5Deals written under the light of a street lamp,

53Past & present clients helped with home renovation information

12Clients helped by Greg, my trusty go-to Handyman!

22Letters of Opinion provided to clients

143Days Sheila, my Client Care Manager, worked late to complete projects

InnumerableTimes I’ve asked Sheila for phone numbers not saved on my phone

7Frustrating hours spent waiting for computer updates to finish

212Advertisements placed for listings in The Globe, The Star and The Guardian

174,000Copies of Marketwatch, my real estate newsletter, distributed by postal walk

45Number of charities proudly supported

10Publications used for advertising listings as per my marketing plan

36Hours of continuing education courses taken by my Team this year

90Percentage of listings that used my recommended home stager

8Hours spent deliberating whether or not to get winter tires

12Blog posts

5Years of proudly sponsoring the Dorothy Ley Hospice Bed Race

124Hours spent updating social media - Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and my Blog

300Lunches eaten at our desks

17Countries who sent participants to the Invictus Games held in Toronto

470Cups of coffee consumed in the office (and not one spilled on the keyboard!)

16Trips to Ithaca to visit my two granddaughters

1Wallet accidentally left at the cemetery overnight (but it was still there the next morning!)

50Years since a Toronto Maple Leaf was name Rookie Of The Year (congratulations Auston Matthews)

1First time Toronto FC wins Champions League vs. Seattle

1Etobicoke resident avoids the red tape and builds a staircase in Tom Riley Park

1Leg surgery for Wilson the beagle

10Days of wearing the dreaded cone of shame CountlessExtra treats for Wilson

2017 Was another Challenging and Successful Year! A Heartfelt Thank You to All!

Thank you for making 2017 a successful and memorable year!
My Sincere Best Wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year

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