Traits you should be looking for in a real estate professional

Whether buying or selling a home, your real estate agent’s role is to ensure the transaction is completed competently and professionally. When selecting your real estate representative make sure they have an intimate knowledge of the local housing market and are committed to serving you with integrity. Every real estate agent has unique personal traits, selling techniques, ways of marketing homes as well as different skill levels.

One of the biggest mistakes made by home sellers is hiring the wrong real estate agent. You must interview agents before you decide on the best person to represent you in the sale of your home.

Track record

It is after all a business relationship and you are best served by someone who has a successful track record.  When interviewing agents, ask about the number of successful sales they have had recently, the list and sale price of some of their recent sales – this tells you if they are good at determining the sale price and selling close to it and how many days their listing was on the market before it sold.


Personality, ethics and skills are equally important to gauge whether the person is the right fit for you. Transparency in communication and dealings may seem the norm but isn’t always. Ask for testimonials or speak with past clients if possible.


What kind of image do they project?   Dressing professionally, being on time and having a respectable manner and communication skills are some of the ways you can gauge professionalism.

Advocacy & Negotiation Skills

The role of the real estate agent is to be the voice of their client and to get the best deal possible for the client in the least amount of time. A seller’s agent must be able to maximize the price of the house for the seller, which involves being a skillful negotiator.

Objectivity & Knowledge

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Some agents will intentionally tell sellers what they want to hear to get them to sign a contract. Be sure to ask questions to determine if the agent possesses the knowledge and experience to guide you in unforeseen circumstances. For instance, have they been successful in selling in all kinds of markets (not just during peak season)?


The two basic tools in every real estate agents toolkit include putting a ‘For Sale ‘sign on the front lawn and listing the home on the MLS system (the multiple listing services). Top producing agents have time tested advertising and marketing strategies in place, providing an edge in selling your real estate. Pick an agent who does more than just the norm – does the agent have a professional website?  Do they offer a comprehensive marketing plan? Is the agent a web savvy marketer who knows how to leverage the Internet to provide maximum reach through an expansive network? Do they utilize the power of social media?

Communication skills

One of the biggest complaints with real estate agent is a lack of communication. One of the best practices of a good agent is to have a system in place to get feedback from buyer’s agent. Feedback allows both the seller and the agent to keep track of any issues and possible fixes.

The real estate agent you pick represents you and your home. Make sure you partner with one who is well-regarded and has a reputation for excellence. Take the time to choose a real estate agent who will make the difference in your home selling process.

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