Winter, The Perfect Time to Get Ready to Sell Your Home and De-clutter.

De-clutter, it seems like an odd word to use to describe the things in your home that you love, the things that have so many wonderful memories attached to them for you.

How do we get started?

As you walk from room to room, take a close look at each of these rooms. Really look at everything that is in that space. Every piece of paper, every piece of furniture, everything hanging on the walls and put away in the closets. Amazing isn’t it when you take stock of what is really in that space that you’ve stopped seeing.

Imagine now that you’re about to sell your home. The first thing a real estate representative will tell you is to de-clutter. Now go back to that one room and look again at what’s really in there. You must be thinking right about now, wow, there’s a lot of stuff in this one room and I have an entire house to get ready for sale!

This is one really good reason why starting to de-clutter now, before you even have your home on the market is a good idea.

Once you’ve picked a room, create 3 areas for the things you are going to go through: Do I need this, Do I love this and Time to let go of.  You can always revisit these piles once you are finished but try not to. Make the decision. Remember the idea is to downsize.

A great idea to help you is to also bring in your children or family members either during or after you’ve made those areas and have them take a look. A second set of eyes often helps you decide if you’ve made the right choice. Also, you can ask them if they would like any of the items in the Time to let go of pile. (Did you know that if you make a gift list separate from your will of the items your family would like to have, they can collect them and not have to pay taxes on them. If you don’t then these items are included in your assets and they will be taxed).

Also, never assume your children will love the same things you do, nor know the monetary value of some of these things. Your family members have different tastes than you do, look at their own homes and you can see that. They may not want some of the things that you held dear to your heart. So then what?

There are many charitable organizations that would love to have these items where they will be used and loved all over again. Plus they will give you a tax receipt for them.

There are businesses out there that can help you with this next phase of your life. These people will come into your home and help you go through each room. They will recommend and contact the organizations for donations, they will recommend a mover and will physically help you through every step. I can help you find the right company that would be a good fit for this as well.

It’s hard work but if you take one room at a time, you’d be surprised how quickly and efficiently this task can be taken care of.

This is the time of year where buyers have cabin fever and are out looking for a new home. They are looking now so they can move into their new home by spring or early summer.

Let’s get your home organized, let’s get the best price for your home so you can comfortably move forward into the next phase of your life.

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